2833 S. 48th Street, Quincy, IL 62305
Asparagus & Strawberries
   Mill Creek Farm asparagus season begins in mid-April and extends through early June. Our asparagus is picked fresh each day, and packaged into one pound bundles. The spears are snapped off by hand so its 100% edible! No ends to trim! Available at our farm and, during the latter part of the season, at the Quincy Hy-Vee and County Market stores (look for our sign). Price at the farm is $3 per pound.  Email us at and we'll let you know when we begin picking the freshest asparagus in Quincy!

   Our season for strawberries begins in mid May and extends through early June. You can not beat the taste of fresh-picked, ripe, red strawberries on a hot summer day. They come pre-picked or you can pick them yourselves! Come experience the unbelievable taste of fresh picked strawberries for yourself. 
   At times our strawberry harvest can't keep up with demand. You can contact Mill Creek Farm at (217) 222-8430 for daily picking information.
    Come and enjoy the taste and experience of fresh picked, red ripe strawberries today.

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