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   A simple and easy way to enjoy Mill Creek Farm vegetables throughout the year by freezing them. Begin by cleaning and preparing the vegetables for blanching. Blanching is done by placing the vegetables into boiling water, which initiates the cooking process. After a short period of time, remove them and place in ice water to stop the cooking process. Leave for several minutes to cool, then place in freezer bags or containers. Vegetables can be safely kept in the freezer for up to a year. 
   Use the following guidelines for blanching times: sweet corn- 4 minutes; asparagus- 1-2 minutes; green beans- 3 minutes.
   It's easier and takes much less room in the freezer to cut off the corn from the cob prior to freezing. Asparagus spears can be quick frozen  individually on trays and then placed into freezer bags.
   Tomatoes can be frozen without blanching. Simply place whole or cut tomatoes into freezer bags or containers.
   Looking for new recipes in which to use Mill Creek Farm fresh fruits and vegetables? The links below will provide you with many excellent and tasty recipes for our fresh picked produce.


   Sweet Corn  


   Green Beans 

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